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Eddie Merino NYC Photographer

Eddie Merino is a photographer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has been recognized for his exceptional skill set and keen eye for detail. Eddie takes great pride in his craft, and his passion for photography shines through in his latest collection. Featuring some of his most striking and captivating pieces, this exhibition is a true testament to his mastery of the art form. With an eye for composition and a talent for capturing the essence of his subjects, Eddie's work is a celebration of beauty, creativity and all things visual. So come along and discover the breathtaking world of Eddie Merino, and be prepared to be inspired by his stunning images that will take your breath away.


Eddie Merino Filming

Eddie Merino, an exceptional professional skilled in videography and editing, has consistently provided outstanding service to the industry for an impressive period of two decades. He has garnered immense admiration for his ability to skillfully manipulate lights and use them to capture the essence of the moment. Eddie's expertise is not limited to videography as his aptitude in recording and sound mixing stands out among other professionals in his field. If you seek a skilled practitioner capable of creating magical moments from you or your business, then Eddie Merino is the ideal choice.


Eddie Merino Podcast

Eddie Merino has been acknowledged as a highly creative individual throughout his professional life. Nevertheless, unlike many others in his industry, he is known for his eagerness to impart his trade secrets to others. His exceptional knowledge is freely available on his YouTube channel. Please take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the subject matter by watching some of his instructional videos here!

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