Traveling to Guatemala to Deliver 1,500 Backpacks!

This week Eddie Merino flies to Guatemala to document the delivery of 1,500 backpacks to kids in need all over the country. The non profit organization “We’ve Got Your Back” has been working for months to make this dream a reality. Founder Jose Amin Perez hired Eddie Merino to Document the entire week so that the volunteers and donors can see where there hard work and efforts went.

This is only the 1st day and we had so much to do. The 1,500 backpacks weren’t going to be given away empty, we had tons of supplies for them. We packed them up with pencils, note books, rules, crayons ect to give them away fully loaded. Enjoy the video!

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Equipment Used:
DJI Phantom 3 Pro :
Canon 6d :
Yongnuo IV :
LowerPro Pro Runner Bag :

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